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The services we offer
include virtual walkthroughs, panoramas, animations, 3D content for gaming, website
development, visual training aids, digital models for
product design and
interactive tools
for education

Our services range over a wide array:

Architectural 3D modeling, rendering & visualization
We have been consistently providing architectural 3D solutions to architects, real state firms, and builders for more than two decades. Keeping ourselves abreast with the burgeoning technology scenarios, we have been catering their needs by providing photo realistic views/images, virtual reality advanced visualizations, global illuminations and other architectural 3D artwork.

Flythrough/Walkthrough a building that hasn’t been build as yet. See real-time 3D pictures of the site, and other 3D objects, what and whatnot!

3D content for Gaming
At Arcides we also develop 3D content (3D characters, 3D Environments) for the gaming industry. We developed German racing tracks for a very prestigious gaming firm. We have done character animation for a number of companies across the globe. We create the low poly models for games, items from convoluted textures and geometry for replication in complex atmospheric effects such as fog, smoke, fire, etc.

Simulating incidents/accidents for aircraft collision, automobile clash on the basis of compiled information supplied to the animators is another feather in our cap. Moreover, we also provide Animated training modules for defence forces, forensics where real time 3D incorporation is required.

Web Solutions
We render turnkey website solution packages and customized ecommerce portal development to corporate identity development and promotional services, keeping the client’s brand image, and market conditions into account. Incorporating both state-of-art, aesthetically pleasing graphics we also ensure good visibility through web site search engine optimization & web promotion.

Corporate presentations, brochures…
Whether it’s a corporate brochure, keynote presentation, animated presentation, business presentation, multimedia presentation, executive presentations or say, any dynamic elegant presentation, which can be interactive, involving viewer discretion, which allows you to gather responses, display results and related information, We furnish that all. Utilizing a variety of media tools including graphics, animation, sound and video, we create custom presentations that differentiate you from the competition Creates visual impact and attract and engross one to watch it.

3D Product design
We provide the latest deep level '3D Technology' support to various Manufacturing Agencies, Furniture Designers, and other product based firms. Rather than going in for expensive prototypes or scaled models, which offer minimum or no space for corrections, digital models and animations at Arcides can serve as a powerful tool.

Corrections and new options are possible with us. With this advantage, manufacturers could see through the moving parts and ensure that these parts do not interfere with anything else and have no defects.

Movies, TV & Advertising
We provide the high quality graphics and 3D animation support for movies, television & advertisements. Outsource the following projects to us:

  • Titles for television & Movies
  • Product modeling & animation for advertisement
  • Animated serials & Music videos
  • Cartoons animation
  • Composition and special effects

For e g we can do various photographic manipulations that create illusory spatial relations in the shot, such as superimposition, a matte shot, and rear projection.

virtual reality
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